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Offices Relocation: Everything You Need to Know

Whether you own a musical store or a regular office that needs to be relocated, you will need a moving contractor who knows what he is doing. Many years in this industry, license, and insurance are the three main factors you should not underestimate. Finding a company that handles both residential and commercial moving projects is a great advantage. This will mean that they have more experience. What else do you need to know?

  • The first stage. Perhaps a few months before the actual moving to takes place, you have to establish a good plan and a time frame for your project. If you have any antique pianos to be transported, find the local movers with the relevant expertise. Also, inform all your business partners, managers, as well as the main power and plumbing suppliers about your upcoming move. Set a definite date and time as well.

  • The second stage. After you have chosen the moving contractor you will be working with, try to separate your items by functions, for example, all the fragile equipment, like computers, printers, and xerox, office stationary, appliances, etc. After you separate these inventory items, dispose all the unnecessary garbage and materials. Try to clear the place from dirt and debris as much as possible.

  • The third stage. Now is the time to inform your new Internet, cable Television, power, and plumbing suppliers about your relocation.

  • The fourth stage. On the day of the relocation, clear your parking lot from any vehicles to ensure a smooth path for the movers’ trucks. Help them with packing and wrapping everything, if needed. Try to assist the loading process too.


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